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Question:-What are the eight biggies of human trauma that you talk about that seem to dominate our lives?

* Birth Trauma: Conception ' in utero, birth and infancy--struggle through birth canal, temperature change, first breath, dry skin.

* Parental Disapproval: Betrayal; parents unconsciously betray our love and trust, quash natural divinity.

* Specific Negatives:  We have 50,000 thoughts per day, we misuse the mind.

* Unconscious Death Urge: Psychic entity overcomes rational mind and splits body off from the eternal spirit.

* Past-life Karma: Reincarnation.

* School Trauma: Energy pollution, bullying, destroying creativity, learning and self-image.

* Religion Trauma: False doctrines, control by church, ignorance.

* Senility: The final exam. You pass or pass away. Infancy memories, everything that is not healed will come up.

Question:-You have been practicing intuitive breathing on a daily basis for 23 years and you say spiritual purification practices are self- validating and they can be scientifically verified every day, How important do you think incorporating the elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether (mind) into our daily practice to prevent physical and emotional Illness are? Can you illustrate each one?

Extremely important. It puts us ahead of the energy pollution process that we experience daily.

  • Earth: Food mastery, sleep mastery, exercise, a career you love, drumming, gardening.
  • Air: Breathing energy as well as air, pranayama.
  • Fire: Sitting by an open flame for 6-8 hours burns up the unconscious death urge, anger and so on. Fire is as important to human health as food, breathing and bathing.
  • Water: Bathing twice a day cleans the energy body. Water rebirthing, underwater birth.
  • Ether (Mind): Repetition of the mantra, Om namah Shivaya, processing the mind affirmations, positive thoughts to negative.

Question:-If you told everybody that you had the cure for the common cold, you would make a fortune, but if you told them all you have to do is connected breathing, they wouldn't believe you, would they? I know you haven't had a cold In ten years. Is the common cold a stuck birth memory?

Yes, it is totally birth trauma, and people can reduce the severity and frequency of the common cold during the first year of practicing rebirthing even if they don't consciously have a birth trauma. Through the years of breathing more efficiently, the common cold becomes less and less.

Question:-You also say, "All symptoms are healings In process. A symptom is either the spirit and the mind healing the body, or the spirit and body healing the mind." Can you explain what other symptoms are such as migraine headaches, asthma and epilepsy? How do people deal with back pain and depression or being overweight?

Migraine headaches are usually caused by oxygen deprivation to the brain if the umbilical cord is cut too soon at birth. So if people have not healed their headache pattern, it means they haven't healed their birth trauma. Asthma is frequently caused by birth trauma. The common denominator of all asthmatics is what I call the suicide decision at birth; they are in pain. They were mistreated at birth and made a decision that they wanted to die. When people learn to breathe properly, they will heal asthma. They also need more physical immortality philosophy.
    Epilepsy is sometimes purely birth trauma. It is also called the holy disease. These people have sometimes had spiritual visions and out-of-body experiences. They desired to hide those experiences from others and suppress them from themselves.
    Back pain is mostly energy overload or emotional energy pollution, and if people do not process this, it comes chronic. Most people can lose back pain after ten sessions.
    Depression can come from early childhood trauma and has to be dealt with by psychotherapy, although rebirthing can ease it.
    Overweight can be handled by processing the mind, careful diet and sitting by the fire.

Question:-From your experience of healing yourself of eight terminal diseases including cancer, what is the most effective way to help people prevent and cure cancer. How important is diet?

Each time I eliminated an offending food from my diet, my symptoms all disappeared and as I continued to eliminate foods that caused problems, the symptoms continued to improve. A raw food diet or macrobiotic diet is important for healing cancer or at least a vegetarian diet.

Question:-Is AIDS curable?

Definitely. AIDS, in my understanding is a combination of several factors: sexual guilt, personal hygiene, the death urge and primal experiences such as diaper trauma; and it can be connected to birth trauma. So if people incorporated the elements such as earth, air, fire, water and mind, into their daily spiritual purification practices and read enough physical immortality literature to be able to work with the death urge successfully, it usually disappears spontaneously. I have personally helped people many times heal AIDS through these practices.

Question:-You have said, "There are no accidents, only emotional problems looking for a place to happen. What does the concept, 'thought is creative' and personal law, have to do with results we see in our lives?

Everything. Personal law is a core belief that controls our life more than any other thought. You process it by working with affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind.

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