Leonard Orr On Healing And Rebirthing
Here are seven tombs that are still intact, because he has done that every 108 years for the past 700 years. 

    So when you go to his ashram and look at the seven tombs of this same individual, you make your own conclusions. You can conclude that he dematerializes his body to leave the tomb in order to be buried alive again 108 years later--or that he died seven times. 'Where he got his. new body is a complete mystery His next demonstration will be in the year 2006.

Question:-Ram and Sita lived 130,000 years ago. The scriptures about them are called the Ramayana, It reveals that the average ages of people were 5,000 to 10,000 years. In the evolution of man, how did our average life span decrease so rapidly to 75 years?

The rapid decrease came between the time of Adam and Moses. In the time of Adam people lived between 500 and 1000 years. After Noah and the flood the average age decreased to 70 years, Moses lived to be 120 years, but he was an exception for his time. The average age then was 60 years, then decreased to 35 years as a result of the Dark Ages, which was during the reign of the Holy Roman Empire. 
    It is paradoxical that Christianity was a religion that was supposed to give us eternal life, but under the reign of the Roman Catholic Church the Dark Ages were created and human life spans reached the lowest they have ever been in human history. Spiritual practices somehow got lost during this period.

Question:-When you took a group to Nepal, you introduced us to a woman who lived in Katmandu who hadn't had food or water for twenty years. How does she sustain herself?

She is a breatharian; she lives on divine light energy.

Question:-The immortal yogi christ of India, Shiva Mahavatar Babaji, said, "I could heal you all in one day, but what would you learn? What is your personal experience of him?

My understanding of who Babaji is, is that he is the eternal spirit in human form, and he makes bodies for his personal use. In 1977 I met Babaji in a 9058-year-old body .The name Babaji means "the ruling father." Babaji is also called "the angel of the Lord" in the Bible.
    It is possible for me to heal people, but if I don't teach them how to heal themselves, they have to come back for another healing. So the whole purpose of all my trainings is for people to learn to heal themselves. This is what Babaji meant about healing. We have to try to stay healthy and happy.
    My personal experience of Babaji was that being with him was one of life's greatest joys. It was a privilege to meet the Creator of the universe in the physical body. Being able to hang out with him and talk with him was incredible.

Question:-All the great teachers and saints say self-discovery is the best teacher. You learn when you heal yourself, What has been your most Important self-discovery?

My most significant discovery was the power of the mind and, when I discovered rebirthing, the power of the breath. It was in Babaji's ashram that I discovered the spiritual power of water even though I'd spent more time in the bathtub than anyone in history, perhaps. Then I discovered fire, and that was as important as any of the other elements. So it was the discovery of earth, air, water, fire and mind, and the realization that these are the physical qualities of God, the eternal vehicles of grace or life energy, and the way to renew the human energy system.

Question:-This is a question that all the women in America want to know: What are the secrets to youthing?

Doing the practices of the elements gives us health and a relaxed, beautiful body inside and out, whether it is losing weight, or becoming more cosmetically attractive. However, there are certain yogas, like Shiva Kalpa (urine therapy) that specialize in rejuvenation. 

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