p o l a  c h u r c h i l l

R e b i r t h i n g  a n d  R e j u v e n a t i o n

A Leonard Orr Rebirther Trainer at Rebirth International

Individual Sessions – Seminars – Training – Counselling

Leonard Orr's famous 5 day Training available

Pola has developed the ability to-"see"-energy patterns and blocks
in the body, and helps people to clear them effectively.
Pola is a Reiki II practitioner and was initiated into Kriya Yoga.
She is author of the book Shiva Mahavatar Babaji and 
Eternal Breath, Leonard Orr's new biography. 
Books written by Leonard Orr are also available upon request.

I N F O R M A T I O N  A N D  A P P O I N T M E N T S
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Churchill Publishing: P.O. Box 1537, Beverly Hills, CA, 90213


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