Didyou know that when you are twenty-five years old your pituitary gland whichis your master gland produces a hormone that causes aging and death?

During this safeand simple process, which is like a guided meditation, we gently open upthe pituitary gland visualizing it like a glowing like a light bulb and reprogram it to reverse the aging process and the death hormone, and to replace it with essential life hormones for rejuvenation and immortality.

You feel this shift happeningon the spot, it starts immediately!

We also bridgethe pituitary gland and the pineal glands together. These two glands usedto be one. This process balances left and right brain, male and femaleenergies and enables you to manifest things much more rapidly.

We are then guidedto go into all of the other glands and organs of the body, the cells, theatoms, the muscles, all of the systems--thelymph, the blood, the nervous system, the bone marrow so they can joinin with this wonderful rejuvenation process--commandingthem to stop producing the death hormone of the past and to release thelife hormones. The body responds with such joy and relief to this processas it ignites the cellular memory the body being immortal. The body createsperfectnew cells and releases the old ones, we also activate the light body andincrease the chromosomes to twelve strand.

Part of the processis to clear any past life and present life beliefs around aging and death.This is a very powerful releasing process as we tell the body that we havechosen rejuvenation and immortality now, and to clear all of the old deathistmentality out of our bodies that does not serve us any more.

This amazing techniquecame from Babaji through author/healer Joanna Cherry as she downloadedthis information while she was literally on the Mountain of Mt. Shasta.This experience is written about in my interview with her, and is alsoin her book Living Mastery.Her second book is called Self Initiations.

Joanna has kindlygiven permission to me to teach this powerful process to people. Sessionscan be done on the phone or in person.

It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hr. CALL (323) 980-7927 TO SCHEDULE A SESSION.

Our clients just love this process because they have had many beneficialresults in clearing any persistent health condition--feelingenergized and rejuvenated and more youthful. They also report the abilityto manifest money much more quickly.

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