What is Rebirthing?
The Rebirthing Process, also known as Conscious Connected Breathing, teaches a simple, relaxing breathing rhythm that enables you to restore the power of the breath. As a result of free and full breathing, you are able to gently release the symptoms
of physical and emotional stress as well as limiting psychological conditions.

This results in an expanded sense of self love, creativity and inner peace.

The Rebirthing Process allows you to correct the breathing mechanism that has been restricted through accumulated tensions and fears. It restores our natural breathing capacity. One can switch easily out of the irregular, shallow breathing pattern associated with chronic anxiety and stress into a deep, steady confident breathing rhythm that provides an efficient oxygen supply.

Each cell of the body and each internal organ, especially the central nervous system and the brain, (which requires 20% of the total oxygen intake) all depend on a constantly rich source of oxygen to function at peak performance. Oxygen is absorbed into the body via the lungs and exhaled as carbon dioxide, thus eliminating 70% of harmful body toxins and waste material. Considering that we breath approximately 23,060 times daily, why not make the most of this vital function?

Many inhale just enough air to get by, keeping their body just at a maintenance level. Although you feel perfectly alright, you aren't energy up to maximum potential.

Chances are you are not breathing deeply enough to remove the toxins that build up. Through continual wear and tear on your cells, the battery runs down. This is a major reason you feel sluggish and unmotivated. Unfortunately, most people are shallow breathers.

As you learn to use the technique of Conscious Connected Breathing, some of the benefits you may experience are:

  • An increase of Energy Feeling calmer and more relaxed Loss of unwanted weight