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“I went for a diabetic check –up the other day at the hospital –the results came back and the doctors had difficulty explaining them………apparently my blood pressure, cholesterol, hear rate is all above normal levels and exceptionally healthy (even maybe more so than people who are not diabetic) the doctor even said that if you took a teenager and removed all the imbalances –I would be at that level. The pituitary gland rejuvenation technique is really working!”
Sean Cochrane – London, UK.

“Pola’s generosity, insight and depth of knowledge embody what it truly means to be a healer!”
Mary Dietrich – Seattle ,WA.

“Pola…thank you so much for reminding me of my true path and aiding me with reclaiming myself in many ways. The power of healing is found within…and I thank you for being a great vehicle to remind us all on how to tune in. Blessings to you!”
Christina Padilla….Hollywood, Ca.

(Healing session by phone)
“Finally I want to tell you that I felt truly embraced by your compassion and appreciate your heartfelt commitment to what you do. You created a safe space for me to receive the DNA activation. Talking to you was like talking to a good friend. A few days after doing the process, I ran into an intuitive light worker I know and when she “saw” my aura she noticed a cylindrical, maybe oval shape with lines coming out of it like lots of strings. It made sense to her when I told her I had my DNA expanded to 12 strands. This was very affirming. She said she noticed something shift in my energy.”
Claudia Lynd – Milburn, New Jersey.

(Sending healing energy long distance)
“Pola -I went to see Katherine again at the hospital on Monday, and she was considerably better!!! She was up, bathed, had eaten breakfast and was drinking water. You are absolutely right about the swelling around the brain tumour….her latest CT scan showed that, and yes she is at risk of hemorrhage. She had some surgery and radiotherapy to the site. She is periodically coherent, but also has episodes of confusion. I have to admit the turn around from Friday to Monday in her well –being, was significant. I was rather surprised. If this is owing to your intervention, then it works and thankyou! Very fascinating stuff!”
Sharn Neville – Reading –UK. (palliative care nurse)

“Pola, if breath can be the key to unlocking the vault of erroneous, subtly sabotaging programs, then may you be the metaphysical locksmith.”
Keith – Ca.


“This pituitary gland technique was a very powerful journey. I was immediately amplified and it is continuing on. I am feeling my body is handling more light! Something shifted and I have released some baggage. After doing the process I realized two things had disappeared. The pain from breast tenderness that I attributed to diet and menstrual cycle has completely gone. Secondly, the cyst I have had for as long as I can remember has shrunk to half it’s size. Wow! This was a result of the process. Thank you Pola!”
Sharon – Los Angeles.

“I attended a Rebirthing Breathwork Training given by Leonard Orr in Sierraville, Ca where Pola Churchill was a facilitator. My Rebirthing session with Pola proved to be extremely powerful in that I was able to release blocked energy that was impeding my growth as a person, and I was able to get in touch with emotions that had been dormant for a very long time.
During the session I also experienced feelings of unconditional love which were channeled by Pola from the Divine Mother. This caused me to have a major breakthrough in consciousness in my life!
I also enjoyed the pituitary gland technique which laid the ground work for a solid structure to be built into physical immortality. I profited greatly from both sessions with Pola and would recommend her services highly to anyone who is serious about personal growth.”
Bob Leonard, Green Valley AZ.

“My experience with the DNA Activation was “regenerating”. I was told that I had a glow; and another observer mentioned that I looked like a fifteen year old…not bad for a forty-nine year old!
The whole experience made me feel that I had l left behind unwanted programming and was embarking on a new beginning in a new body. My vibration has remained high since doing the process, and I really feel a tremendous difference in my life completely. Everything looks better.
Thanks Pola…see you at another session!
Laura M. – Los Angeles Ca.

I am very fortunate to have had many sessions with Pola over the past 3 years. She is 100% committed to the rebirthing process. Not only is this easy to see in her character, but it is felt in her presence durring a session. I remember one occasion in which I was having a bit of a personal crisis and almost missed a session, but at the last minute, several highly synchronistic events occured that led me right to Pola and a very powerfull rebirthing session.
Needless to say, I am thankfull that I followed through. I highly recommend her services to anyone even remotely interested in the rebirthing process.
Isaac S. Haynes – April 7,2006

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