Leonard Orr On Healing And Rebirthing
As a result of spontaneous rebirthing experiences between 1962 and 1974, Leonard perfected a method of rebirthing himself and others. It is also called Conscious Breathing, or Intuitive Energy Breathing. He has healed himself of eight terminal diseases and is a senility graduate, probably the only one in the Western world. 
    Rebirthing is a safe, gentle and powerful healing technique. Not only does it release your birth trauma, but it clears all your conscious and subconscious emotional, physical and mental negative beliefs from out of your body on a cellular level. You connect the inhale breath to the exhale in a relaxed rhythm in one continuous circular movement until you complete the energy cycle.
    At a rare appearance in Los Angeles for his famous five day training seminar, Leonard and I discussed the importance of rebirthing to healing the human body on all levels. We covered ground from the common cold, to cancer and AIDS, incorporating the elements into our daily practice of spiritual purification, processing the mind and physical immortality.

Here is our conversation:-June, 1999

Thanks for being with us this week and allowing us to document your five day training seminar. There are ten million people you have reached worldwide since 1974 who practice rebirthing. You have achieved this without any publicity or government funding. That is amazing.

Question:-In my own ten year experience as a rebirther I always saw rebirthing as a spiritual vacuum cleaner. Can you explain how the energy of the breath in this process cleans, nourishes and rejuvenates the body physically, emotionally and spiritually?

I don't know that I can explain how, but I observe that it does. Physiologically the energy of the breath cleans the circulatory system. It rebalances the carbon dioxide levels of the blood and causes blood pressure to normalize. Mentally, it releases and enables people to breathe away accumulated emotional problems. Spiritually, it brings fresh life energy into the body, and you can go into a transcendental state as efficiently as possible. The connected breathing rhythm can take a person into theta brain waves in less than one minute.

Question:-I understand that energy breathing is not a religion or a cult or is dependent on faith, belief, dogma or philosophy. How would you describe it, more like a biological experience of God?

Rebirthers are not medical doctors. They don't diagnose, treat or heal any disease, but breathing energy as well as air more efficiently has a healing effect on all diseases, mental and physical. How many sessions are recommended with a breathing coach or rebirther, and at what point can a person rebirth himself?

Most people can in ten sessions learn the ability to breathe energy as well as air; some people need more time. By the time they get to ten sessions, its a good idea to start practicing at home.

Question:-What are tetany and hyperventilation?

Sometimes fear causes constriction and pain. Tetany is a physical manifestation of fear in the body. You just continue to keep breathing and it will disappear. Hyperventilation is the cure for inhibited breathing.

Question:-What are the differences and benefits from dry rebirthing, to warm, water and cold, water rebirthing?

Warm water rebirthing has a tendency to regress people to birth memories and prenatal states of consciousness. The water is an additional source of prana to the energy body. Cold water rebirthing has a tendency to get people in touch with places where they are holding tension or pain?, and when they are doing connected breathing as they go into the water, it enables them to feel those holding places and release them.

Question:-What are the differences between nose-breathing and mouth-breathing in the rebirthing process?

I tend to recommend nose breathing, as the nadis in the septum clean the air and go straight into the nervous system.
    Mouth-breathing brings up suppressed emotion. Both are good; it is up to the individual, whatever he/she feels comfortable with.

Question:-You say in your new book The Healing Manual that most terminal diseases and mental illnesses are caused at birth. That is quite shocking. How important is healing our birth trauma?

Healing our birth trauma is obviously very important. Most people die of birth trauma. One of the basic ideas of birth trauma is that if people's first experience of their physical bodies is painful or unpleasant, they make the generalization that having a physical body is the source of their pain or problem. Therefore they conclude that getting rid of the body is the way to get rid of the pain, so the body becomes the enemy. Thus birth trauma can be fundamental to the death urge.
    Various forms of heart disease can start at birth. People can actually have a heart attack when they are born, and that can set them up for heart attacks later on in life. But terminal diseases are also caused by diet. Cancer and heart disease have more do to with bad diet, but birth trauma can set people up for them. However, birth trauma and infancy consciousness is what immobilizes people during terminal diseases, so it is an ever present common denominator, and it makes people feel hopeless and helpless.

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